by Leon Córdova


Straight question: your country is divided both politically and socially, economy is a mess as civil rights gradually get endangered as the days go by. Yeah, maybe even World War III is on the way, what’d you do, fam?

You throw a 13 hours party, of course.

This is the mindset of this artist amalgam named Gold Dome takin’ the south of Brazil art scene by storm. Currently curated and led by Lourene Nicola, we got the chance to get a quick interview with her, discussing both, their manifesto and weapons of choice.

Mainly, Gold Dome is a flag. A flag that flutters for independent artist, sheltering music producers, filmmakers, photographers and fashionistas. Taste makers at their core.

With a particular set of collaborators, they are always open for new brazilian acts to join them, or make a short-lived society. As they put on their words, with a rough translation.

We work permeated by the appreciation of Brazilian culture; collaborating all the way, conscious economy, human right’s equality, art as a social engine, curative therapy with respect and admiration the neighbor.

The project abridges the multicultural occupation of physical spaces to express diverse viewpoints of  both, arts and politics. This manifestation responds to the name of ‘Redoma’ (Dome, Summit on Portuguese) and it’s completing two years already. Care to note, that this events also allow folks from many other areas such as gastronomy and engineering. Art by artist beyond the rules.

The culmination of this collective efforts, gave birth to the 7thRedoma, commemorating the 4thyear of Gold Dome. This time, bringin’ their ‘Futuristic Brazil Manifesto’; evidencing the values priory mentioned, joining forces to seize one common goal; makin’ some damn fine music. Live bands, vinyl DJ sets and some freestyle.

13 hours festival, crafted by the go-gaters artists themselves. The herculean amount of effort to materialize this, already gives enough credit to the Manifest, and that is, without takin’ in consideration the plurality of the 82 artists from all the country involved, guesting for more than 500 peeps.

Of course the Gold Dome is not fightin’ this front alone, it’s existence showcased the lack of this kind of free spaces and by inertia, similar projects have pop up along. However, they found their main strength -and maybe what sets them apart- is the different oasis they are hydrating themselves. Sheltering both artist from diverse cultural backgrounds, sexuality, skin tones, economic classes.

It’s 2k17, this should be the rule, but ya know how the world goes.

This diversity gives them a bigger, louder polyphonic sound; ideas colliding on this trippy, unique cluster.

Gettin’ together for a necessity, stickin’ together for the future. On an ever degradation and polarizing society of a country as bid as a continent, sharing is caring, sharing is revolutionizing the status quo.

This events, not only showcases and abridges artists, but also, they also make commentaries about the boundaries of the laws and their relationships with the arts, particularly relevant on a country that -this may be a shocker- is so hypocritical and conservative as Brazil (link to the documentary

Golddome • 26/03/2019
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